Day 58: Saturday, June 3

Sites Visited: Nemea, Tiryns

Leaders: Nat and Dan

Hiya peeps,

Today we went to Nemea. Nemea is famous because it’s where the mythical lion from the 12 labors of Hercules lived. Unfortunately we met no magic lions but we did get a really great site tour from Liz Langridge-Noti. We got to explore all around the site include go inside the temple which we usually can’t do. In antiquity Nemea hosted athletic contests much like Olympia and Delphi. There is an intact stadium at the site so of course we all ran on it to test it out! Frankel won the race, but no one else was trying, so does it even count?

After our quick sprint (or jog depending on your level of try-hard) we grabbed a quick lunch then headed to the Mycenaean palace of Tiryns. Tiryns is cool because it has GIANT walls and is on a big hill. Definitely not something you would have wanted to attack! Inside the fortress there are corbelled galleries that no one really knows what they were used for. Scientists have found evidence that they held sheep at one point in time but no way of telling if they are ancient or not. So mysterious sheep lived in Tiryns at some point in the last 3500 years, but that’s all we know.

After Tiryns a bunch of us went and got ice cream and loukamades (fried dough balls smothered in honey and cinnamon) on Dartmouth’s dime. We got treated because today was super hot and we were “troopers”. Thanks Dartmouth! We were all pretty wiped after our long hot day and ice cream coma and went home to write our papers.

Hasta la pasta
Dan Pomegranate and Nat Geographic


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