Day 56: Wednesday, May 31

Sites Visited: Argive Heraion, Epidauros

Leaders: Ben and Vic


Today was a pretty excellent day, if a bit too heavy on the bus. We started out with a trip to the Argive Heraion, and suddenly discovered that Greece is really darn HOT in the summer.

After spending a brief time at the summit, the rest of our time overlooking the Argive Plain (some real creative names near Argos) was spent dodging from shady spot to shady spot. We then had another brief bus ride before we were at Epidauros, a massive site with a cool healing sanctuary as well as a games site.Somehow the less Elite games only gave money, because elites were too good for anything for olive oil and money was for οί πολλοί. There might even have been a maze below one of the buildings (and it might have held sneks)! Then we drove the rest of the way to Nauplio and did some exploring before tucking in for the night.

May your enemies always have one sock without a match.
Ben and Vic


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