Day 55: Tuesday, May 30

Sites visited: Numismatic Museum, Acropolis, Wiener Lab at ASCSA

Leaders: Shania and Herr Frankel

Blog Post:

To Whom It May Concern:
We write to you today to tell you about our experience on May 30th. Our day commenced with a visit to the numismatic museum of the Greek state. We met a very learned man named Panagiotis, who makes numismatics his area of study. The museum was the old house of the well-known Heinrich Schliemann, a man who did not make numismatics his study. After the numismatic museum of the Greek state we made the walk to the Acropolis, where we were granted permission to enter into the interior of the building on that outcrop. Then we went to the Wiener Laboratory, where another man by the name of Michailidis (also not a numismatist), gave us another tour. We saw some stratigraphy, some archeobotany, and some anthrakology (not numismatics, but charcoal studies). Then the day ended and reparations were made to the hotel. Thank you for giving this missive your attention, and please take it under consideration.

Warmest regards,

Shania Kee and Max Frankel