Day 54: Sunday, May 28


Sites Visited: Temple of Aphaia and Kolona, Aegina

Leaders: Nat and Tim

Hi guys!

We took the Flying Dolphin from Piraeus to Aegina this morning and paid a visit to the Temple of Aphaia, an early classical structure that has been the subject of significant debate over its sculptural program – its west pediment housed sculpture in the earlier Archaizing style while its east was filled with sculpture done in the later Severe style. The temple was dedicated to the goddess Aphaia, who was granted divinity by Artemis and is often syncretized with the mountain goddess Britomartis and with Artemis herself. We also took the opportunity to pose as the sculptures in one of the pediments before stopping into the nearby museum.

Our other stop for the day was at Kolonna, a settlement that is home to a Temple of Apollo of which a singular column still stands – the namesake of the site. Corridor houses here from the Early Bronze Age suggest the development of complex administration during this period, and ceramics made here are easily identifiable by the biatite (gold micah) present in their clay. After finishing up with our academics for the day, we did our best to stay out of the overcast weather and spent a few hours exploring the town before riding the Flying Dolphin back home.

Peace and love,

Nat and Tim


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