Day 53: Saturday, May 27

Sites: Orchomenos, Gla, Thebes

Leaders: Dan Pomerantz and Saphfire Brown

Hello, gla-dies and gla-ntlemen!

Today was not great, nor was it horrible. It was just kind of gla. Just kidding, today was actually pretty cool. We started at a big Bronze Age site called Orchomenos, which had a huge tomb. Apparently, the place used to be pretty gla-morous (sorry, we’ll stop now. Maybe), but some looters got in. Hard to guard all of your treasure when you’re dead, we guess. There was also a theater, a palace-like thing (pretty much just some rocks in piles), and a church almost entirely built out of recycled material (think column drums, statue bases, etc.). We were gla-d to see it.

Next, we went to the scene of the crime. Gla. By this point, we were fresh out of terrible Gla puns and spent our time trying not to get stabbed by plants or hit by cars. Did we mention that we had our lecture in the middle of the road? It was the only place safe from the plants! Most of us braved the jungle for a quick gla-nce at the walls of Gla, but they were about the opposite of gla-m.

Last, we stopped at the Thebes museum, which had a gi-gla-ntic collection of all things Greek. After a couple of hours learning, we gla-ded onto the bus for the trip back to Athens!

Sincerely yours,

Gla 1, Gla 2, and Gla flock




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