Day 52: Friday, May 26


Sites Visited: Delphi

Leaders: Grace and Barg

Salutations Progenitors, Other Kinsmen, and Personal Associates,

Today we explored the prepossessing archeological site of Delphi, prominent for its prognosticator that foretold the futures of many of ancient Greece’s unsettled decision makers. We commenced the day tardy at 12:00 PM at the remnants of the Temple of Athena Pronaia and its surrounding structures. We then clambered up the rise towards the entry of the focal quarter of the site.
Using the thesaurus is taking too long, I apologize. Anyways, as we climbed we admired the treasuries of each of Greece’s great city states. Athens’ treasury was certainly one of the most beautiful. We then reached a large flat area built into the slope where the Temple to Apollo still stands. Apollo was the primary deity worshipped at Delphi, and the famous oracle would have received people inside the large stone temple.

We continued our ascent, ending our tour of the site with the theatre and stadium. We then climbed down and learned more about what we just had seen by visiting the museum. The museum had a lot of the sculpture that once decorated the buildings at Delphi. The sculpture was truly amazing, and rivaled any monumental sculpture we have seen to date.

After that, we were all pooped. Definitely the hardest half-day we’ve had so far!

Fervently and with a thesaurus,

Barg n’ Caldwell


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