Day 51: Thursday, May 25

Sites Visited: Olympia Archaeological Museum, Museum of the History of Olympics, Patras Archaeological Museum

Leaders: Shania and Bodek

Today was one of those days in which we spent the majority of our time on the bus. We woke up this morning in Olympia, where we went to two cool museums. We then grabbed a quick lunch and hopped on the bus to begin the long journey to Delphi. After driving for two hours, the one-lane highway became a two-lane highway and we reached Patra, a place almost nobody has heard of. In Patra, we stopped at an incredibly large and well-funded museum that contained a lot of mosaics. However, the museum was virtually empty and we were the only ones there.

We then continued our journey to Delphi, and crossed a relatively new bridge that took us over the Gulf of Corinth and cut several hours off of what would have otherwise been an unbearably long drive. On the other side of the bridge, the two-lane highway morphed back into a one-lane highway, and we drove on for another two hours. The bus then climbed into the mountains and we reached Delphi. The city is built onto a cliffside, and it has a lot of narrow streets that increase in elevation as one gets further from the center of town. After witnessing our bus driver Spiros execute some of the most impressive three-point turns in history, we settled into our hotel and prepared for a quiz.

Your visitors to the oracle,

Bodek, Kee, and the others

Olympia Museum

Patras Museum


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