Day 50: Wednesday, May 24

Sites Visited: Peristeria and Olympia

Leaders: Ben and Vic

Today, we started with a brief detour to the town of Pylos, and then proceeded to get on with the archaeology at Peristeria. This site also supposedly had lots of sneks, but they were sneaky and we saw no sneks. We did see a very large bee, which some of us mistook for a beetle, and a beetle, which some of us mistook for a bee. The archaeology itself was pretty dope, and we spend a lot of time in awe at the huge corbelled tholos tomb at the top of the hill. A few predictable bad jokes later, we were back on the bus and on our way to Olympia.

Once at the town of Olympia, we had a few minutes to check in and get food before heading to the sanctuary site to receive a lecture from Robert Pritz, a grad student working in the museum. Some of us still hadn’t had enough though, even after a few hours around the site, and went back for more. Olympic races were recreated, memories made, some were even good memories. All in all it was a pretty great day.

Sorry for cheating in the games, Zeus

-Ben and Vic


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