Day 49: Tuesday, May 23

Sites Visited: Pylos and Chora Museum

Leaders: Nat and Frankel

Hi there,

It’s us again, Max “Nissan Maxima” Frankel and Nathalie “Condé Nath: Traveler” Ferneau. Today we went to The Palace of Nestor at Pylos. We were told to watch out for snakes. I, Max Frankel, killed several. I wore their skins as trophies, as Herakles wore the Nemean Lion. I turned their cold-blooded veins to ice, and the Snake King offered peace, in order to reclaim his dead, but I refused, and the snakes feared the sound of my footfall… Just kidding! We didn’t actually see any snakes. Well that’s not strictly true. We did see some roadkill…

But, we did get to see the current excavations going on at Pylos. Liz, a Dartmouth ‘13, and Classics FSP Alum, is digging at Pylos and she showed us her trench. Cool stuff! Tim Shea just wanted to hop into a trench and start diggin’. Maybe we all did…

Anyways, we then got a tour of the awesome Mycenaean palace from the Head Honcho, “El Patrón”, the helmsman, the Chef de Cuisine, Jack L. “the Jackal” Davis. (that is not his nickname- Nat) (yeah, it’s actually ‘the Jackalope’- Max) (no, we don’t know if he has a nickname or not. If he does, it is certainly not ‘the jackalope’- Nat). It was really cool to see Pylos not just because it’s a massive palatial site but also because Professor Hruby also excavated there and did some very cool stuff with party pots. After we explored the site, we headed to the nearby museum that contained all the cool finds from Pylos. There was lots of very cool material, among other things pots.

Did You Know: Hippopotamus is Greek for river horse!

Hungy! Hungy! Hungy!

frankel hippo


Chora museum


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