Day 46: Friday, May 19

Sites Visited: Kalamata museum

Leaders: Max Barg and Shania Kee

Hey Friends,

This morning we got to sleep in, and we left Sparta for Kalamata at 11 AM, arriving just after noon. We then spent the next two and half hours at the Archaeological Museum of Messenia here in Kalamata.

The museum was relatively small, but had tons of cool stuff inside. It essentially held all of the best archeological finds from the surrounding area. My favorite stuff (Max) was the drinking vessels from the Palace of Nestor, a Mycenaean palace located about 50 km from Kalamata. It looks like the Mycenaeans knew how to throw a party. I (Shania) thought the coolest thing was a seahorse votive figurine from a sanctuary of Poseidon in Akovitika.

After the museum, we hopped back on the bus to drive to our hotel in Kalamata. Close to three, most of us were hungry. We spent the afternoon grabbing some grub and exploring the coastal city.

That’s all folks,

MB and SK


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