Day 43: Tuesday, May 16

Sites Visited: Marathon, Thorikos, Sounion

Leaders: Saphfire and Max Frankel

Although back in Athens, the group didn’t see any sites in the City, instead going to other sites on the Attic Peninsula. Our first stop was the plain of marathon, where the Athenians defeated the first Persian invasion. We saw the museum, the victory column, and the battlefield. Then we took a bus to thorikos, a deme (village) near the southern tip of Attica. They had silver mines, a cool theater, and some interesting silver washing facilities. Ultimately, we stopped at Sounion, the fortress on the tip of the peninsula. It enjoyed excellent views of the surrounding sea and was therefore a religious and military center. We saw a rather run-down temple of Poseidon, some walls, some shipsheds, and a town. It was pretty cool, and also pretty windy.


Max and Saph


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