Day 39: May the 4th be with you

The mystery of the kouloures has been solved...
The Mystery of the Kouloures has been solved…

Sites Visited: Malia, Eleftherna Museum, Armeni Cemetery

Group Leaders: Nathalie and Michael Bodek

Friends, Romans  Greeks, Countrymen,

Lend me your ears. This morning we went to Malia, a Minoan palace that happens to be near a resort town that was featured on the British reality TV show, Sun, Sex, and Suspicious Parents. Don’t worry Mom and Dad! Today was purely educational.

Malia was a Minoan palatial site that had many phases of occupation. Though it may not have been occupied during the Neolithic, it was destroyed, rebuilt, and destroyed throughout the Protopalatial and Neopalatial periods. We saw layered rubble masonry, when the remains of the early palace were incorporated into the new one. We also got to see an industrial quarter, as well as storage rooms and bad twentieth century archaeological practices. We heard theories for what kouloures were, and saw cool stone objects of unknown function. Were they ritual? Probably. Do we say that about everything we don’t understand? Yes. Malia was also really interesting because according to Buzzfeed it is the Minoan palace I (Michael) am. Refer to yesterday’s blog for the Buzzfeed quiz.

Next stop was the archaeological museum at Eleuthera. This museum was brand new and it was everyone’s first time visiting. It was filled with beautiful grave goods like bronze weapons and gold jewelry. It also had a section on how Homer refers to Crete in his poems which got all the Classical language nerds (all of us) pretty excited. There were also two complete funeral pyres which were unlike anything we had ever seen!

After the museum was Armenoi, a Minoan necropolis. Armenoi today is a beautiful oak grove filled with 230+ cut stone tombs. We got to get our Indiana Jones on and climb down into the tombs and really explore. It was just the right amount of creepy. Tim Connor got a pretty good jump scare on Saphfire and everyone got good photo ops. Pretty solid day!

Tonight we are in Chania in a really nice hotel AND we have a late wake up tomorrow so life is good.

Don’t touch the antiquities, they have feelings too.

Hruby’s Eleven.

And Tim

That's no moon...
That’s no moon…


Armeni Cemetery


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