Day 38: Wednesday, May 3

Sites Visited: INSTAP Study Center

Group Leaders: Ben Bonner and Saphfire Brown

Today, as Rosy-fingered Dawn peeked over the horizon to wake the sleepers, we came upon ourselves already walking toward the bus for our day volunteering at the East Crete Study Center. (Odyssey reference for those of you less-cultured blog readers.)

Giving us a tour of all the tools at his disposal was Dr. Tom Brogan, a man who clearly knew his stuff. He brought us to all of the stations we’d be in and prepped us for the hands on experience, before introducing us to Doug Faulmann, who proudly displayed his high tech gear and gauges used for creating 3D models of sites and antiquities. Then we began sifting, floating, piecing together vessels, and scrubbing bones. In the blink of an eye, it was hours later
and time for lunch.

Exhausted from hours of meticulous work, we tromped down the hill to the main area of the coastal village to scavenge for food. The group split up and went to various restaurants on the beach, and once we had been watered and fed, we returned to the study center like a flock of newborn Phoenixes, rising from the ashes and revitalized by our recent caloric intake.

We decided to mix things up and everyone chose a new station to work at, except for Shania, who apparently has an affinity for scrubbing dirt off the bones of long-dead mountain dwelling animals. Again, we were lost in time…lost in our work…captivated by the raw materials of the past that were being placed into our hands like malnourished children being given scraps. We hungered for more.

Most of us will never experience this sort of thing again, as archaeological jobs are incredibly hard to come by and most of us will probably end up living in our parents’ basement – once again starving for scraps. Apparently some professors “really encourage [students] to not go into this field of work.” Sorry, mom, looks like my overpriced degree will leave me with nothing but the ability to find humor in Buzzfeed quizzes titled “Which Ancient Minoan Palace
Are You.” (

Don’t worry, we’re only half kidding. Also, if it’s not evident from this blog we are all getting pretty angsty and ready for the break to start on Monday. In all seriousness, it was an amazing day volunteering at the East Crete Study Center! Wishing you all a goodnight from Agios Nikolaos!

“iD rAtHeR bE hAtEd FoR wHo I aM tHaN lOvEd FoR wHo Im NoT” (source: Probably Plato)
~Angsty Saph and Angstier Ben


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