Day 34: Saturday, April 29

Sites Visited: Knossos

Leaders: Dan and Victoria

This morning, we had an incredible tour of the Minoan Palace at Knossos. We were fortunate enough to be guided by the head of the British excavation team at the site, who was extremely knowledgeable. He gave us a 2.5 hour tour that included highlights such as the palace’s throne room, king’s and queen’s megara and living quarters, and storage space underneath the western wing of the palace, after which he said, “So, that’s a brief overview of the site.” We then got a quick tour of his workshop, where we were able to handle pottery from about 3500 years ago!
During the afternoon, everyone split up to explore the city of Heraklion. Most of us went the Museum of Natural History, which featured an earthquake simulation machine. A couple others went to the internet provider store to try to get our data sticks working- another hour and a half later we were successful! We celebrated our triumph with a nice afternoon nap.

Happy Minotaur day,

Dan, Vic, and the children who will hopefully not be consumed in the Labyrinth because Theseus is supposed to show up any time now. Theseus? Is that you? AHHHHHH!!


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