Day 33: Friday, April 28


Sites Visited: Heraklion Museum

Group Leaders: Nat and Barg

Dear family, fans, friends, and haters,

Today we woke up in beautiful Heraklion, Crete. We had the morning off so most people slept in, with the exception of a few sickos who found a local gym. Said sickos also returned to the gym in the afternoon. After waking up late, we headed to a craft coffee shop recommended by TA DA Future Dr. Tim Shea and then to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum. The museum has material from the Neolithic through the Roman period, but the most interesting stuff by far was from the Minoan palaces on Crete. We spent all afternoon learning about Minoan material culture. Some notable finds in the museum included a boardgame from 3000 years ago, examples of early writing, and wonderful wall paintings.

After the museum, we had our third quiz, which covered material from the past few days. After that, we were free to enjoy the city and get ahead on our Crete projects.

See ya when I see ya,

NAF + AMB + other people

Happy to be at the museum


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