Day 26: Friday, April 21

Sites Visited: Agios Ioannis, Troodos Mountains, Nicosia

Leaders: Saphfire and Barg

Hey folks,

Today we traveled from Pafos to Cyprus’ capital, Nicosia. Along the way, we traveled through the Troodos Mountains and saw Cyprus’ copper producing region. These copper mines have been churning out the metal since antiquity, and some mines are still operating today.

Also along the way, we stopped at Agios Iannios, a Byzantine Orthodox monastery, and looked at the well preserved wall paintings there.

We had a long – and super Cypriot – lunch in the town where Agios Iannios is. We arrived to Nicosia around 4:30, and rested up. We then walked as a group to the old city and grabbed dinner. The old city is on the Turkish border, as Nicosia is the last divided capital in Europe.

Until next time,

Saph & Barg


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