Day 25: Thursday, April 20

Sacred tree at St. Solomon's Catacombs

Sites Visited: St. Solomon’s Catacombs, Ancient Theater of Pafos, 4th/6th C basilica at Agia Kyriaki, Mosaics in the Paphos Archaeological Park

Leaders: Michael and Grace

Today we met our tour guide, Dave, and he took us to a bunch of sites near the water in Paphos. We saw a Hellenistic tomb with a Christian burial, then we were sent to another site and told to figure out what we were looking at. It was a Roman basilica with later churches built on top of it. Next was the highlight of the day, we saw elaborate Roman mosaics that showed mythological scenes. They were part of the floor decoration of the house of an incredibly wealthy Cypriot from the Roman period.

Next, we broke for lunch and we each went our own way, and our task for the afternoon was to find something cool in Paphos. We went to a wide range of locations, from churches to beaches to art galleries. We reconvened for a quiz in the early evening, after which we told each other about our discoveries.

Michael and Grace


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