Day 24: Wednesday, April 19


Sites Visited: Lemba, Cat Sanctuary, Palaipafos, Souskiou, Mesorotsos

Leaders: Ben and Shania

Today, we had another very long day on the bus, this time all around the area of Pafos. The very first order of business was to stop by The site of Dr. Paul Croft at Lemba and see the reconstructed Chalcolithic roundhouses as well as some artifacts and remains. After this, we went to an abandoned hotel to see a well which had been dug by Dr. Croft.

After thanking him and seeing him off, we embarked on the bus once more with the aim of the Paleopafos site, but took a brief side tour to see a local cat shelter with over 700 cats!

After the cats, we headed towards Paleopafos and the sanctuary of Aphrodite. We met up with Dr. Andrew McCarthy and Dr. Lisa Graham, who took us around the site. There were a lot of amazing things, including some massive Cyclopean blocks and a painted Roman sarcophagus. We then got lunch in kouklia, the modern village near the site at local tavernas.

After lunch, Dr. McCarthy and Dr. Graham took us to the site of Souskiou, a middle Bronze Age necropolis. The last site of the day was once again guided by Drs. McCarthy and Graham, after a fun and terrifying series of rides in their Land Rover. This site is their currently active project at Mesorotsos. As a result, we got to see a ton of open trenches and another replica of domestic Chalcolithic technology – this time a pit oven. These open trenches allowed us to learn a lot about the actual process of archaeology and ask questions of the people in charge of the site in person. We then walked back up the valley wall and got back on our bus to head home.

-Ben and Shania


Pre-pottery Neolithic Well


Cat Sanctuary

Palaipafos (Sanctuary of Aphrodite and Museum)

Souskiou and environs


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