Day 23: Tuesday, April 18

Sites Visited: Kalavasos-Tenta, Kalavasos-Agios Dimitrios, Choirokoitia-Vouni, Akrotiri Environmental Educational Center, Episkopi-Kourion, Petra tou Romiou

Leaders: Max Frankel and Victoria

Hey everyone!

Today was our first day in Cyprus, and it was busy af. We embarked on a tour bus early in the morning and started the day at Kalavasos Tenta (Neolithic) and Agios Dhmitrios (Late Bronze Age), two super cool sites with a bunch of round houses and pithoi. We then took a lightning tour of a couple other sites everyone was probably a little too tired to recognize, but there were a lot of really cool Roman mosaics and a beautiful view of the cliffside into the ocean very much suitable for cliff diving. The same site also had some baths, which were a nice parallel to the ones that we saw in Macedonia at Pella a few days back (feels like forever ago). There was also a super cool Roman theater (converted from a Greek amphitheater) that amplified your voice back to you if you stood in this special spot on the ground in the center of the stage. Yes, Adele covers definitely happened.

Our next stop was the cliffs of Petra tou Romiou, the mythical birthplace of the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Our tour guide was convinced the site had nothing to do with Aphrodite, but c’mon. That’s downer talk. We believe. There was an ice cream van next to the scenic overlook, and we all got some flake cones to go with the beautiful view before heading off to our last stop, a continuously occupied Temple of Apollo! Very exciting, super confusing, awesome reconstruction.

We then headed home for the day, and all proceeded to pass out in our rooms after a very busy day. Cyprus is fun though!


Vic, Frank, and the tEAM

Max and Grace at Petra tou Romiou

Quick-draw Barg at Khirokitia-Vouni

Hey, Michael Bodek!


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