Day 20: Saturday, April 15

Sites Visited: National Archaeological Museum

Leaders: Barg and Grace


Today, we got up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for an exciting day at the National Archaeological Museum here in Athens. After a nice 3 kilometer walk to the museum, we started the day looking at stone monumental sculpture. We split up into pairs and each got assigned a stone sculpture. Each group then pretended PCC was a billionaire donor who wanted to buy a piece for the Hood Museum at Dartmouth. We then had to convince PCC to buy our sculpture by proving it was the most historically significant or beautifully carved.

We then got to see some bronze sculpture! Most of the bronze sculptures from ancient Greece have been melted down for military purposes overtime. Only a few remain in the world, and the museum had about a half dozen to study.

We broke for lunch and then spent the afternoon learning about Greek funerary sculptures from our awesome and knowledgeable TA Tim Shea. Tim is writing his dissertation on Attic funerary sculpture, so he was the right man for the job today.

We have tomorrow off for Easter, so we’re going to finish off our work and enjoy the Athenian night.

With passion,

Gracie & Maxí


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