Day 19: Friday, April 14

Sites Visited: Athenian Agora

Leaders: Michael and Shania

Greece is starting to shut down in advance of Easter and us FSPers are well aware of this fact. Stores are starting to have weird hours; the streets are starting to feel emptier; museums are opening late and closing early. Because of this, we got to sleep in today and we convened at 10AM to do some work on the Athenian Agora. About an hour later we headed to the Agora itself, where we waited for it to open an noon.

While waiting, we had the pleasure of hearing Greek Orthodox chanting and a church bell ring every fifteen seconds for about twenty minutes. Little did we know that that bell would ring constantly for the next five hours.

Tuning out the bell, we entered the Agora with PCC and Dr. Scahill. We explored the Agora, starting with the Stoa of Attalus. Dr. Scahill took us around the stoa and explained various architectural features. Then, we went on to the different buildings of the agora. Before we knew it, it was 3PM.

Dr. Scahill took us to his favorite restaurant and we had amazing food. He answered questions about his article on Corinthian capitals throughout lunch. After lunch, he again took us around the agora. Around 4:45, the agora people kicked us out to head home for the Easter weekend. A quiet weekend awaits.

Let’s go Mets,

Michael and Shania


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