Day 17: Wednesday, April 12

Sites Visited: Pella, Lefkandia, and Vergina

Group Leaders: Max and Nathalie

Today we went to the ancient Macedonian capitol of Pella. We explored the huge site and found awesome mosaics and a pretty cool bath complex. Then it was back on the bus to go Lefkandia to see painted Macedonian tombs. We went underground and the guard actually let us inside one of the tombs. PCC looked very Indiana Jones-esque but no ostensibly Nazi agents interrupted our experiential learning. After that we headed to Mieze to see were Aristotle tutored Alexander the Great, PCC’s lecture compared. We met the cutest stray-ish dogs ever and were a little distracted throughout PCC’s lecture. We then drove even further to Vergina, the site of the royal Macedonian tombs. We saw more painted tombs and all of the incredible artifacts found inside them. The amount of gold crowns and ivory furniture was mind-blowing. There was also the cheesiest informational video of all time. We then headed home for one last night in Thessaloniki before heading back to Athens the next morning.

Sincerely and irrevocably yours,
Max and Nathalie


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