Day 14: Sunday, April 9

Sites Visited: Osman Shah Mosque, Larisa Diachronic Museum, Dion, Thessaloniki

Leaders: Daniel and Grace

Today was a pretty action-packed day as we bounced around from place to place en route to Thessaloniki. We left the hotel at 7:30 sharp and headed to the nearby town of Trikala to see a mosque designed by a Sinan, the most famous Ottoman architect. Although the decoration was completely bland compared to the Byzantine monasteries we have been visiting, the acoustics and design were spectacular. After that, it was on to Larisa to see the new archaeology museum there. It had just opened up (the driveway wasn’t even paved yet!) and we were the only ones there, so everyone was quite excited to see us. The museum was also incredible- they had a huge collection of material from a large range of time periods. We spent two hours there without even realizing it.
After tearing ourselves away from the museum in Larisa, we headed to the archaeological site of Dion. We only had about an hour and a half there since the site closed at 3PM, so we walked around some ruins and discovered how hard it is to draw a site plan. After we got kicked out of the ruins, we grabbed some lunch and hopped on the bus for Thessaloniki! We had a great celebration dinner for Dan’s birthday and enjoyed hanging out for the night knowing we had the next day to sleep in.

Osman Shah Mosque in Trikala

Some objects in the Larisa Diachronic Museum


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