Day 12: Friday, April 7

Sites Visited: Kerameikos, Kalapodi, and Hosios Loukas

Leaders: Victoria and Michael

While the rest of our group awoke bright and early (6 AM) to head to the Keramikos, the two of us hung back at Hotel Alexandros to handle logistics regarding our departure. All the bags were stored in Victoria’s room, and at about 10:45 we began the arduous process of transporting the bags from the third floor room to the bus, which was waiting half a block away. We first completely filled the elevator with bags, hit lobby, and sprinted down the stairs to get to the lobby before our bags. We then got more efficient, and I (Michael) sent bags into empty elevators on the third floor, and Victoria retrieved them in the lobby. After the bags were in the lobby we made many trips to load the bus, and then headed to meet the rest of the group. Tired, we rested in the grass near the Keramikos as the rest of the group boarded the bus.

With the whole group in tow, we finally headed off to our destination: some really fancy Byzantine monastery with a hard to spell name. Wait, I am being told it’s spelled HOSIOS LOUKAS. The churches there had original mosaics in situ, which was really cool if you’re into that sort of stuff. More stunning was the view of the countryside, the green mountains and the blue sky swirled together in the white clouds that stretched from sun to baby olive groves in the fields. The bathroom with a view made it into Max Barg’s 101 Places To Go Before You Go, coming to a bookstore near you. Probably.

After we said goodbye to Hosios Loukas, we said hello to the wide open road. We stopped briefly at a very special archaeological site of the sanctuary of Apollo and Artemis, with two huge doric temples and beautiful views yet again. The site is connected to Delphi and has lots of unlooted dedications and a full-out carpet of pot sherds. Hooray!

We finally got home very late and settled into our hotel at Kalabaka where it’s currently midnight. Time to finally sleep…

Υεια σας,

Βικτώρια, Μίχελ, και τα παιδιά

Hosios Loukas


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