Day 11: Thursday, April 6

Sites Visited: Byzantine Museum, Acropolis

Group Leaders: Ben and Nathalie

Today was possibly the most jam-packed and exciting day we have had so far! This morning we woke up at our usual hour of 6:30 in order to do some reading and homework before heading off to the Byzantine Museum at the relatively late time of 10:00. Byzantine art is not a topic most of us are familiar with so this was something unexpected and refreshing. Once at the museum we split off into pairs and picked out our favorite objects from different periods in Byzantine art before presenting them to the class. This was all in preparation for the next few days when we will travel to see some Byzantine churches and monasteries in Northern Greece.

After a quick lunch back in our own neighborhood, we set off for what we had been waiting for all trip: the Acropolis. Ever since our time with the Parthenon marbles in London (or even since our first Classics courses) we had all been dying to see the Parthenon in real life. And it certainly did not disappoint! We were fortuitously joined by PCC’s colleague Dr. Scahill whom we had run into on the street on the way to the museum this morning. He is THE expert on the history and architecture of the Acropolis and Agora and he spent the next several hours answering our questions and showing us around the site. Despite Dr. Scahill’s brilliance, it was the Parthenon and the surrounding buildings that really stole the show. Just as the group was getting a little worn out, the sun began to set. This turned the already incredible site into a truly magical place. Today’s blog video truly captures the beautiful scenery and the high spirits of the group. I highly doubt anyone will forget this afternoon! We stayed until the Acropolis was just about closed before heading to an early (by Greek standards) dinner and then hurried home to pack our bags for our six day trip to Kalabaka and Thessaloniki tomorrow!

Classically yours,
-the locals (Nat and Ben)



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