Day 10: April 5

Sites Visited: Areopagus

Leaders: Saphfire and Max Frankel

Blog Post – Day ?? we don’t know anymore

Today was another day of wiping the face and rising to greet the crisp Athenian morning. We devoured a breakfast of meats, cheeses, bread, fruits, vegetables, and beverages. After breakfast we began the trek down to the Areopagus. After walking nearly 12 miles’ yesterday, this was a variously welcome reminder of the nature of Greek topography. Once we reached the peak of the Hill of Ares, Professor Christesen began to overwhelm our delicate little brains with knowledge of the Athenian city layout, spanning nine different time periods. The air on top of the hill was a little nippy and we huddled on the rocks and learned about the development of the civic center of Athens. Once the Skipper had talked for nearly four hours (in the typical fashion of Greek rhetoric) we walked off the mountain and made our way to a café where we took over and set up camp sketching maps of the various time periods for two hours. Then it was time for lunch, and we all broke up and had lunch in the area of Monastiraki, near the northwest of the Acropolis. After this latest meal we went to the Acropolis Museum, where we saw the kouroi, the older temples, and the Parthenon sculpture (at least that which was still in Athens). We thought about how the museum was laid out and the context in which the exhibits were presented. Then we retired for dinner and bed…and slept the deserved rest of heroes.


Max and Saphfire



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