Day 8: Monday, April 3

Sites Visited: Athens

Group Leaders: Dan and Shania

Today, we woke up earlier than usual as we had a flight to catch. Once we got to Heathrow Airport, we found out that our flight had been delayed thirty minutes. When we all boarded, we once again we were delayed and spent maybe an hour on the tarmac. Finally, we were in the air and about two hours in, we were given lunch of various Greek foods.

Thanks to flight delays and 2-hour time difference, we finally arrived in Athens at about 8 PM local time. Getting to our hotel was another hassle, which included an hour train ride to central Athens and a good thirty minutes of lugging our luggage across the streets. We quickly realized that this schlep was more than worth it, though, when we got the best gyros in Athens. Although the trip involved some more walking and most of us were about ready to just go to sleep, we did get to start our time in Athens right with some amazing Greek food. We finally settled in for the night at about midnight only to be informed that the next day was an early one! Pretty sure we’re all going to be super sleep deprived, but it’ll be worthwhile for sure.

Υεια σας,

Dan and Shania and the crew


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