Day 6: National Gallery

Sites Visited: National Gallery

Group Leaders: Max and Victoria

Hey Everybody!

Today, we started our day at the National Gallery, one of the world’s finest art museum. Our visit was casual. The only assignment Professor Christesen gave us was to walk through galleries and find our favorite pieces. We then gave five minute presentations to the group about why the painting was our favorite. I (Max) chose The Avenue at Middelharnis, painted by Meindert Hobbema. It caught my eye the second I saw it. Van Gogh works were popular choices.

The rest of the day, the world was our oyster. Well, not the world, but London was ours for the taking. A few of us split off to explore the galleries, and some of us went to lunch in a fancy Italian restaurant where the bill was confusing and took a solid 40 minutes to figure out that we did not in fact owe 32 pounds, but the waitress forgot to count one of our card receipts. Fun!

Then, instead of taking hold of London like true travelers, we all (except Max) took naps. We really needed it apparently, because we went to sleep for hours. We woke up refreshed and ready to order some food and explore. Or in my case (Victoria), sleep off the tail end of traveler’s flu 😦

Love & Adoration,
Slick Vic, DJ Embargo, and the Squad



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