Day 5: Last Day at the British Museum

Sites Visited: British Museum

Group Leaders: Michael and Nathalie

This morning we got an extra half hour of sleep. We showed up at the British Museum at 9:30 AM, and after briefly meeting with professor Christesen, we were put in pairs and set loose in the Museum to work on our sculpture assignments. Our assignment was to film how an archaic-era sculptor would react to seeing the much later statue of Aphrodite in the East Pediment of the Parthenon. We hastily filmed our videos before the museum before the galleries were overrun with tourists and we headed back to the apartments.

Having edited our assignments mid-morning, we were now able to enjoy a long break before we were to go back to the museum. Most of us walked to a restaurant that had a strange mix of Mexican food and French Music. With our stomachs full, we met back at the Cnidos Lion at 1:45.

At 2:00, we met with Dr. Booms, a curator of Roman art at the Museum, and he led us through the Rome galleries. He talked to us about the history of glass, and showed us many elaborate works of glass art, including the Portland Vase. Look it up- it’s beautiful! Afterwards he talked to us about Latin inscriptions and had us read inscription in the gallery. We learned about common Latin abbreviations, the legal ramifications of funerary inscriptions, and that we have a lot more Latin to learn!

After we thanked Dr. Booms, we wandered on our own through the Roman galleries for a bit, then reconvened at the Cnidos Lion. We talked with PCC about our Egyptian assignments, and that we called it today. Tonight we are all going to a pub to enjoy fish and chips!

Until Tomorrow,

Michael, Nat, and the rest of the group.


First, Dr. Booms gave us an introduction to Roman glass making


We then stopped to see the Portland Vase



Afterwards, Dr. Booms gave us a lesson in reading Latin funerary inscriptions


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