Day 2: British Museum

Sites: British Museum

Leaders: Shania and Tim

After a typically hectic morning, we arrived at the British Museum only for Max (Barg) to realize that he forgot his homework in the apartment. Thanks to his quick thinking and alarming speed, he was able to recover his papers and meet us in the Great Court of the museum on time. Professor Christesen spent the first hour giving us a general overview of Archaic Greek sculpture with the aid of our fancy tablets, after which we dispersed to spend a few more minutes in the Egyptian Gallery for our pamphlet assignment due tonight. The bulk of the morning was spent with the venerable Dr. Ian Jenkins, an expert on the Parthenon sculptures; his passion for his field radiated off him as he presented, and we were all completely charmed. After Dr. Jenkins concluded his presentation, we all split up to grab lunch at a few different places outside the museum.
After our lunch break, we met up at the Cnidos Lion to wait for our next guest lecturer, Dr. Paul Collins, who is an expert on Assyrian art. We spent the next hours, exploring the sculptures of several Assyrian palaces and being impressed by Dr. Collins’ knowledge on the subject and his ability to read cuneiform seemingly at a glance. With our business at the British Museum concluded, we all headed back to our apartments to work on tonight’s assignment.

Until next time,

Shania, Tim, and the gang

We started the day looking at images in the Enlightenment Gallery, like this print by James Stephanoff


Dr. Ian Jenkins then walked us through the Duveen Galleries, starting with the East Pediment


We then moved to the south metopes.


Dr. Jenkins finished by discussing the long frieze.


Dr. Collins then showed us items from the Assyrian collection.


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