Day 1: British Museum

Sites Visited: British Museum

Group Leaders: Dan and Victoria

Today was quite the busy one, so we were at the British Museum gates before they even opened. After spending about half an hour on a recap of yesterday, we learned a bit about principles of Egyptian art. We then spent an hour and a half exploring the Egyptian galleries learning about art from all periods of Egyptian history, from massive statues of pharaohs to canopic jars which probably still contained the remains of whatever organs the Egyptians decided to put in them thousands of years ago!

Given that most of us had no idea what had just happened in Egypt, we decided it would be a good idea to go to the Parthenon wing and pretend to know things (or actually know things, I’m just speaking for myself here- Dan). We each delivered the oral presentations we prepared yesterday (if you didn’t see it, check out that blog post!), which went quite well! After that, we got about 45 minutes for lunch. Just enough time to take a much needed nap (NOT!). Most of us went to the fancy restaurant at the top of the British Museum, and we exercised our assertive skills when the waiters kept passing us up for more ~*~fancy~*~ people. We felt extra fancy after paying like fifteen dollars for a salad, so we’re getting the true Londoner experience out here!

Coolest part of the day: we spent the afternoon with curator Dr. Kiely, an expert in Cypriot art and material culture. He showed us the highlights of the collection on display in the Cyprus gallery, then treated us to a behind-the-scenes look at Cypriot artifacts in storage. Highlights included an early Iron Age dagger, a piece of amber from somewhere in Central Europe, and gorgeous Cypriot Bronze Age pottery.

Tonight’s agenda includes the meet-and-greet that apparently wasn’t necessary until now, some Indian food, and (hopefully) lots of sleep. Most of us are still pretty jetlagged and also behind on readings, so it’s a real Catch 22 where we’re too tired to work but can’t sleep until we get stuff done. Such is life in London!

Lots of love,
vIcToRiA, Dan, and the squAD


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